Bible 7 & Bible 8: 14th Journal Entry

One of the 10 commandments is to “honor your father and mother”.  In fact, this commandment is the only one with a promise attached.  The promise is that you will “live long on the earth”.  Yet, for some reason, we struggle with this command more than many of the other commands.  When we are young, we think we know what we should do.  Our families protect us, provide for us, and love us.  But, we still don’t trust them to do the best thing for us.

Watch this hilarious video.  The video is about mothers, but the concepts can be transferred to fathers as well.  Also, the video is a SONG by MR. T!  That is hilarious!


If you asked your mother or father, would they say that you are respectful of them or that you are disrespectful of them?  Why do you think it is so difficult to “treat our families right”?  When are the times that you struggle to obey your family?  Are your families perfect?  Do you think they should be perfect?  How can we obey and respect someone who is not perfect?  What would it look like to “honor your father and mother” in your situation?  If you wanted to show your family that you love them, how would you show them?  What do you think would happen if you tried to show love to your family? 


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