Bible 7 & Bible 8: 11th Journal Entry (1st of 2nd Term)

The linked video is from Randy Harris.  Randy Harris is one of my favorite teachers, theologians, and speakers.  He is blunt, and he is truthful.  He would probably call him self a “modern-day prophet”, because he constantly speaks hard truth into people’s lives.  But, he does it in a way that we can understand.  However, it is hard to act on some things in our lives, even if we understand the instructions.  The video is from a talk he gave at Lipscomb University’s chapel in 2014.

R. Harris talks about obedience, every-day decisions, and the moments in which are faith is tested.  He talks about the slow steps that we take every day to become the people we will become.


Do you find it easy to make good decisions every single day?  What things are flashing through your mind when you have the choice to do what is right and the choice to do what seems easy?  Why do you choose to do what is right?  Why do you think you choose to do what is easy?  Do you agree with Randy Harris?  What things do you agree with?  What things do you disagree with?  When you agree that the little things build to the big things, how should that idea impact the way you live your everyday life?

How would you answer the Moby Dick question on the American Literature test?

If you had trouble with the link, here is the video’s full URL:


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