Bible 7 & Bible 8: 9th Journal Post

I am a fan of giving you tons of information (some of which I disagree with).  John Piper is one of the most popular preachers in Christianity right now.  This linked sermon is an example of his beliefs.  I do not agree with everything he has to say, but I still think his thoughts on the Gospel are important to listen.  So, HEADS UP:  1) The sermon’s audio version is linked on this website.  2) The text of the sermon is also on this webpage.  3) The sermon is about 35 minutes long.

So, take your time and process the sermon.


What stuck out to you in the sermon?  Do you agree with John Piper?  Do you disagree?  What thoughts did you have while listening to this sermon?  

If you had problem with the link, this is the official URL:


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