Bible 7 & Bible 8: 4th Journal Entry

Watch this video by clicking on the highlighted link.

The video is about communication.  It is about how difficult communication can be, and it includes some “deadly sins” of communication.  It also includes some helpful tips on good and healthy communication.

The Bible is an act of communication.  It is the way in which God and former God-followers communicate with our lives.  The authors of the Bible wrote the books thousands of years ago, and we are reading their words.  We are trying to interpret what they meant about the words they said.  We try to interpret those words into what the words could mean in our culture.


Use the questions below to shape your journal entry.

Do you find it easy to read the Bible?  Or, is the Bible difficult to understand?  What is your favorite verse(s) in the Bible?  What does the verse(s) mean to you?  Look at the language of the verse(s).  Are the words in the verse(s) simple or complex?  When we think about communication, do you feel that your conversation with God is a one-way communication or is your communication a back-and-forth talk?  Do you find it difficult to listen to God?  If you do communicate with God, what do you think are His most common messages to you?  When you pray what kinds of things do you ask for most often?

If you had trouble with the video link, here is the full link: 


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